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Abbott’s Optium Blood KETONE Test Strips (10 Tests) | Precision Xtra

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<strong>Abbott's Optium Blood KETONE Test Strips (10 Tests)</strong>
Abbott's Optium Blood KETONE Test Strips (10 Tests)
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Abbott Freestyle Blood Ketone Strips compatible with the Precision Xtra

Supplied in lots of 10 Test Strips per box set

Total of 1 box set = 10 Test strips

Current EXPIRY is 2018-01.

FreeStyle Optium β Ketone test strips for self-testing your blood ketones.

  • Individual foil-wrapped strips for minimized contamination and influence from external factors
  • Small sample size (1.5 μL)
  • 10 second test time
  • Fill trigger ensures reaction starts only when sufficient sample has been applied
  • Top or tip fill

Measuring your blood ketones during hyperglycaemia and illness, allows you to take action before ketoacidosis develops.

Works on the following units:

Freestyle Optium Neo 
Freestyle Optium
Precision Xtra

Ketone strips are compatible with the US Precision Xtra meters.


Flat packed means the outer box has been opened and flattened with all the original contents kept on the inside. The Original boxes will be removed. This is done to make shipping as cheap as possible to deliver the best prices to our customers. It does not compromise the quality of the test strips as they are still individually sealed for optimal storage conditions until used.