Motivational Snippets

A collection of various snippets that I have found personally motivating.


Pause enough so you can contact what’s going on inside you and pause enough so you can look at another and see the goodness that is there and mirror back some let people know. – Tara Brach is a PhD in clinical psychology  (Tim Ferris show)



Be happy with yourself and congratulate yourself more often. Couple a minute breathing exercise a day. Stop complaining take the challenge of one day not complaining make it a point to phrase things as constructively as possible if you don’t like something find a way to deal with it or fix it, the energy you put out is so huge to what you can accomplish in your life when you’re putting out:

“I’m sick, I’m sick, I’m sick”

“I don’t like my job, I don’t like my job”

You’re just creating more of it, the best things we can do to make our lives better and our body’s better is just find ways to do that, rather than talk about where we don’t like where we are at.

For example if you feel you should eat better rather than saying

“This meal wasn’t good enough”

“I didn’t so well enough”

Be happy where you’re at you did what you could right now and think:

“What can I do tomorrow that will be a little bit better?”

Ariane Resnick is a private chef and nutritionist who specializes in organic farm-to-table cuisine. – Bullet Proof Radio


Weight Loss

If you have a weight loss program that is so good that you say you step here, here and here and you’ll get these results but the huge majority of people can’t step in those footsteps you really have something wrong with the program.

If your are firm in your thinking saying I wrote a good program and humans suck and people want to be overweight and have terrible bodies and bad health.

People are lacking a locus of control you don’t believe you can do this so the start can be:

“I’m a 14 year old girl and start believing I’m overweight” There is a dam good chance you’re not that overweight but you’ll look back at photos and think my god look how cute I was how sad it was that I though how much overweight I was.

When you start to feel that way people start down the typical path and not eat very much food and move around a whole bunch.

And you slowly break your metabolism and over and over again you fail because that path never works and you lose your internal locus of control and believe God hates me I’m supposed to be fat there is no way I can actuality change this and come to a diet with a new glimmer of hope that voice in your head says why are you keeping yourself from this cheese cake right now because you dam well know you’re going to fail anyway.

We enjoy being healthy and fit and looking good is just a nice byproduct but not the reason why you should do it.

If you do this because you think my god if I can only get my but smaller then people will like me better then my whole life will be better, I’ll get better dates, I’ll get better jobs.

Even though we know these are absolutely not true but if we believe those things THEN EVERY STEP of the process is a cross to bear every food you don’t eat is missed every food you have to eat is torture every pull-up you do is misery and it’s all in just the name of this nebulas thing that you never get to.

For most people he has seen come in his gym with the astatic goal conundrum 9 out of 10 people when asked why are they here will point at different parts of their body and they will pinch things the message is I hate this body can you help me escape it and those people struggle and typically fail and the other person 1 in 20 comes in and their message is I’ve let this body get out of control and my body deserves better than this can you teach me on how to give my body what it needs so I can get back to being awesome those people get results so fast that it makes the others peoples head spin.

And then the 9 out of 10 people ask that one person about how much weight they lost and how and they reply well I can do a 200 pound deadlift and work in the garden all day at home without getting tiered I feel great my sec drive is back and all you want to talk about is my dam weight.

Jason believes the main difference between 99% of the time it is about what is going on in their head.

Harvard psychologist Ellen Langer found that just telling house maid that had exceeded the daily recommendation for excise they lost weight blood pressure dropped and all they only believed they were. – Source

So there is a mind body barrier so believing you should be able to loose fat and that you deserve to loose fat has a huge impact.

Don’t just think loving yourself as you who are and never change, love yourself enough to change for the right reasons.

Love yourself enough to change because you know yourself deserves to change regardless if there was nobody here to tell you that your better now that you changed.

Change because you own it and because you want it and you know your life will be better without the approval of other people it will still be better.

You want the energy and vitality and have a body that feels good and performs well and you sleep good and you manage stress easy that’s a better life than limping through life with a body that barley complies to what you want from it.

And looking good is the icing on the cake.

So be a person that is whole attractive because your confident and comfortable in this skin, I can do whatever I set my mind to so I’m really fun to be around , I’m not that person that says no to everything that might be slightly physical because my body won’t keep up.

I’m out really living and that makes people want to be around me.

How the body handles cutting calories your body is awesome and does what you tell it to do and it will conserve can hold back calories and turn down resting rate of your thyroid and turn up fat storage in the fat cell and the gut may be switching to get more calories from food. When the body says there is not enough food it says what the most important thing in the world is right now is BODY FAT.

For illustrative purposes your bank account is your muscle allows you to do stuff and the pantry is your stored body fat when a famine hits your holding that pantry shut guarding it with your life and nibbling out of it hardly eating it at all. Then the body says hey what about maintaining this muscle mass its very BMR expensive and isn’t important now for survival let use that and dump as much as we can afford before using the rest of the body fat.

That is why there is nobody at the start of a marathon that you want to be built like you have two type the twigs to win.

So stop treating your body like it’s a constant famine like something is trying to kill you and treat it like everything is wonderful here we move around a lot at a slow pace sometimes high intense pace and we lift some heavy things up and down and there is plenty of food to fuel all of this.

When your body believes this is the world you live in is great and wonderful then your pantry will not be so huge.

HER Body™ #14 | Jason Seib – The Mentality of Fat Loss