About Me

G’day Mate! My name is Simon from the land down-under, I have been on the Ketogenic Diet since August 10th 2014. I became overweight during high school and discovered a ketogenic PROTEIN + LOW CARB + LOW FAT diet back in 2002 and lost all my weight in time for my wedding back in 2003, but it did not teach me how to maintain my weight loss as it was also low fat, and sadly went back to my old ways and gained all my weight back plus more.

I yo-yo’ed gaining and dropping weight using PROTEIN + LOW CARB + LOW FAT and low carb for over an decade.

Then in late 2014 at my heaviest and most depressed, I lost 30kg in three months utilising the same PROTEIN + LOW CARB + LOW FAT protocol I learnt back in 2002. I still didn’t understand fully how it worked and was not sustainable.

During that time while losing weight, I still had 17kg to lose, was researching low carb and ketogenic diets during 2014, I stumbled across the work of Steve Phinney and constructed a WFKD, and for the first time decided to increase Fats to my PSMF style of eating, and I realised how fats where missing element to sustainability, so I created my blog keto island.

I found the regulation of ketones awesome for mental focus, energy and most importantly without any calorie counting I could maintain my weight.

Fo myself a ketogenic diet for me seemed to lose 10 to 30 kg then they will Plauto out, still requiring 10 to 30 kg more weight loss.

I think there may be 2 Types of People those that can over eat in keto and loose weight, while others on standard keto like me just sit at the same weight.

I am unsure if this is genetic variance or not, while standard keto did not reduce weight at maintenance nutritional ketosis for me, I do wonder if it will be different in a carnivore keto approach, I do not know. 

What I do know is the answer is more complex than the simple statement that calories in equals calories out, and I only this that statement is true on a mixed diet and not a ketogenic diet.

Sadly, I gained some weight following the death of my mother to breast cancer she was 56, but still kept off 30kg from my previous max.

Will share more of what i have learnt in time as there is a lot of moving parts and I am quite shy.

For now my goals are to share knowledge, news and share some recipes!

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