About Me

G’day Mate! My name is Simon from the land down-under, I have been on the Ketogenic Diet since August 10th 2014. I became overweight during high school and discovered a ketogenic PSMF diet back in 2002 and lost all my weight in time for my wedding back in 2003, but it did not teach me how to maintain my weight loss as it was also low fat, and sadly went back to my old ways and gained all my weight back plus more.

I yo-yo’ed gaining and dropping weight using PSMF and low carb for over an decade.

Then in late 2014 at my heaviest and most depressed, I lost 30kg in three months utilising the same PSMF protocol I learnt back in 2002. I still didn’t understand fully how it worked and was not sustainable.

During that time while losing weight, I still had 17kg to lose, was researching low carb and ketogenic diets during 2014, I stumbled across the work of Steve Phinney and constructed a WFKD, and for the first time decided to increase Fats to my PSMF style of eating, and I realised how fats where missing element to sustainability, so I created my blog keto island.

During this process I became intrigued on how various people where utilising ketogenic diets:

1. High Protein, Low Carb, High Fat
2. Low Protein, Low Carb, High Fat
3. Fasting
4. Carb Cycling

Since I was new eating higher levels of fat, I wanted to see what messages about implementing keto were out there.

I remember a YouTube ketogenic blogger at time explained that Higher amounts of fat was
needed to shift weight, then others explaining if weight loss wasn’t seen it was evil insulin was the issue and that my body just needed to heal more, then the plateaus will go and I’ll get a whoosh.

Testing out there is various approaches left me in over a six-month weight plateau and I just stalled.

The reason why I did this rather than just lose my weight straight away on PSMF is I wanted to put myself in the community’s shoes and also really instil in myself that the ketogenic diet is not a weight loss diet.

I found the regulation of ketones awesome for mental focus, energy and hungry reduction.

I found that a ketogenic diet and IF could only take me so far, and for many in the community this proved to be true any many only seemed to lose 10 to 30 kg then they will Plauto out, still requiring 10 to 30 kg more weight loss.

And I saw a community attitude prevail, embracing a hypnosis that if insulin is kept low enough with moderate protein and high fat, then they will continue to lean out to a healthy weight, if they stall they are healing or waiting for a whoosh effect. (I feel this is only true for TOFI people)

I then saw people double down on keto to burn more internal fat, like this recipe from Dominic D’Agostino at the time:

Keto Ice cream recipe / Choc moose

300g Sour cream 400ml coconut cream
Punch of salt
Pinch of cinnamon
2tsb vanilla essance
6 table spoon choc
1tbl spoon coconut oil will harden into choc chips especially if adding blueberries.
Stir till thick moose for 30min
Freeze for 20min

Then when fat increase failed, they moved to longer and longer fasting periods, I personally found this unsustainable method of weight loss and had the identical amount of weight loss compared to a the PSMF protocol I used, at lest this way ill preserve nutrient/mineral/vitamin balance.

I found myself did file people where this did work if the gaps where large enough with planned eating / non-eating periods, but for me was too much discipline and I see the efforts of the wider community reflect this.

I then tested standard keto with carb cycling, I found this informative as standard keto with weekly eating what I wanted would maintain my weight. And there are interesting benefits of spiking insulin from time to time in new cell creation almost having a hormetic effect, plus I felt very very good. But for weight loss just kept me at the same level which is very cool for maintaining weight but not weight loss.

I also tested keto with zero artificial sweeteners / sweeteners of any kind, made zero difference, even gave up caffeine zero impact.

So I went back on the PSMF and lost the rest of my weight in several months, and went back to normal keto with weekly / monthly cheat days.

Sadly, I gained some weight following the death of my mother to breast cancer she was 56, but still kept off 30kg from my previous max.

I am now working toward my PSMF approach again as I am now back in the correct headspace (end of 2018/2019) and testing a few interesting things I’ve read.

I’m am now here to share my journey, help others, share knowledge, news and share some recipes!

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