See how Jessica dropped over 125 pounds

We are back with another amazing interview of someone living an LCHF lifestyle!
In today’s interview I would like to present Jessica, she has been fallowing a LCHF lifestyle for over 9 months and lost over 57 kg.

So, we can definitely learn a lot from her journey and experience.

Hi Jessica, can you tell us a little about yourselves?
My name is Jess and I’m 25 years old and currently a stay at mum of two beautiful kids.

At what moment or event started your LCHF weight loss journey and what became your why?
Earlier this year I went to my local GP to fill a script. He asked me to jump on the scales and my heart automatically sank. I knew it wasn’t going to be a good outcome. That day I weighed 142 Kilos (313 Pounds) . I was devastated, I didn’t realise  my weight has gotten so high. I completely broke down in front of him. He explained to me that it wasn’t my fault due to my insulin resistance. I went home, cried some more and then decided that I absolutely has to do something. That’s when I found LCHF and it effectively reduces insulin.

As we all know, getting yourself mentally ready to make an adjustment isn’t easy, for others looking at making an adjustment, can you offer any advice?
I think that research key. Knowing what carbs and sugar really do to your body makes it that much easier to make the adjustment. Spend some time reading and jump on YouTube, it’s a great resource.

What is one of your favourite LCHF recipe / foods?
I think my favourite recipe would have to be the cheese sauce. It’s super versatile and a great source of fat. You can put it with anything. I love it with baby spinach and chicken thigh.

For people currently doing LCHF what motivational tip or advice would you like to share?
Don’t ever give up. Some days will be harder than others, some days will be easy as! There will be times where you slip up but its just a bad day. Never throw it all away because of one day!

Any advise for people following a LCHF diet and their weight loss has stalled?
Stalls are bound to happen but sometimes I’ve found for me that changing something little will break the stall. Things like watching my dairy intake but most of the time an extended fast will get things moving again.

And for anyone reading this that is looking at getting stated into a LCHF lifestyle what advice would you give them?
Don’t think of LCHF as a ‘diet’ think of it as a lifestyle. Let it be the new way that you have decided to live your life.


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