Kimmy shares how she lost 110 pounds on Keto

Welcome back to another inspiring interview on Ketoisland.
In today’s interview, I would like to present Kim from Queensland Australia, she has been following a Keto lifestyle for over 15 months and has lost an amazing 110 pounds (50kg).
Considering how far she has come, we can definitely learn a lot from her journey and experience.

Hi Kim, can you tell us a little about yourselves?
Hi I’m Kim I’m 39 from Queensland Australia. I chose the keto lifestyle as I had gotten very overweight reaching 120kg and then becoming very ill with a rare autoimmune disease. The keto diet has helped immensely with my symptoms I’m now not far off my goal weight of 143 pounds (65kg)

What is Myositis, and how much had your health declined, what was your daily life like?
Myositis is a muscle disease which your immune system attacks its own muscle fibres causing inflammation pain and stiffness and deterioration of the muscles.  My life has changed a lot I can’t do a lot of the things I used to do. I was a big walker before myositis i loved keeping active it helped my depression that also suffer with. Now I can only manage a short stroll and I find doing daily chores a lot harder.

There was a moment when you were confronted chemotherapy to help your Myositis, what happened?
Yes they offered me chemotherapy drugs when I was first diagnosed at this stage I was pretty much bed ridden my mum had to shower me get me dressed and do my hair.

How did you discover Keto and how important was research?
I came across Keto around the same time I was offered chemotherapy drugs. It was a blessing in disguise really,  after reading it can help with autoimmune disease and cancer I decided there and then to give it a go. I did a lot of research and keto sounded just what I needed.

As we all know, getting yourself mentally ready to make an adjustment isn’t easy, for others looking at making an adjustment, can you offer any advice?
I say go for it do your research there’s a lot of information our there and once your ready to start you will be amazed how easy it is. Keep your meals simple and enjoy the journey.

What is one of your favourite Keto recipe / foods?
My favourite is cauliflower I never new how many dishes u could make using just a cauliflower prior to keto.  And its so low in carbs u can mash it to replace potatoes. Turn it into rice and even make hash browns. I also love keto chocolate mousse. I never feel like I’m missing out on Keto.

For people following a Ketogenic diet, what motivational tip or advice would you like to share?
For people doing Keto, I congratulate you for making a great decision in turning your life around, keep with it the benefits are amazing.

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Any advice for people following a Keto diet and their weight loss has stalled?
On my journey I’ve had many stalls the advice I would give is try not to focus to much on the scales.  keep with it. Take lots of progress pics and take measurements once a month.

And for anyone reading this that is looking at getting started into a ketogenic lifestyle what advice would you give them?
If you have bad health or overweight or simply just wanting a healthy lifestyle I recommend the Keto lifestyle. It may be a little hard in the beginning but you will be amazed how easy it gets  the benefits are amazing and the food delicious. Once u start seeing the benefits u will have wished u had found it sooner.

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