ESTJ Keto Personality Type

You are a motivated, hard worker who are very decisive about setting their goals and keeping them. When you resolve to eat well and get healthy, you are usually pretty committed and tough about it.

You have a tend to look for diets that have authoritative evidence of reliability and they also enjoy plans that are consistent, structured, and clear.

And want a streamlined solution that isn’t too complicated.

A non-keto example of an ESTJ in the health space.

9 Tips for Keto Success as an ESTJ

Make a plan with keto and make a structed clear approach to your plan.

Focus on a lifestyle change than a “get thin quick” diet.

Don’t obsess over the scale! Your weight can fluctuate dramatically throughout the day.

Make a checklist! ESTJs love to check things off their list. Set up a small whiteboard with your weekly workout and exercise goals and enjoy checking those off as you go. This simple bit of motivation can make a big difference!

ESTJs are naturally competitive, you can find an accountability partner and motivate each other/compete to reach your exercise goals.

Celebrate your successes! As an ESTJ you can forget to acknowledge their successes and just focus on meeting their next, higher goal. Take a moment to appreciate how far you’ve gotten, even if it seems like just a baby step.

Remember that it takes 26 days to form a habit. Know that those first 26 days of starting keto will probably be the hardest, and then afterwards your body will get accustomed to your routine.

Don’t plan your keto diet for a quick weight loss result, first focus more on creating a healthy, consistent keto lifestyle.

Pick up some easy healthy ketogenic cookbooks full of easy, simple meals with easy-to-find ingredients, the reason why many ESTJs give up on keto and fall off the wagon is the diet becomes too complicated with their grocery lists are changing from week to week.