ISTJ Keto Personality Type

You value traditions and loyalty.

You are organized and decisive, you have a true engineering mindset.

You trust tried-and-true methods based on facts and supported evidence, you may even like to look through PubMed and may even love write extensive blog posts.

When your planning out a diet you want something that has structure, clear guidelines, and feels attainable because it is broken down into small steps.

Since you’re so scientifically minded with fact you hold yourself to a very high standard and can be very self-critical when it comes to their body image and dieting abilities.

8 Tips for Keto Success as an ISTJ

It’s important that they celebrate their successes, no matter how small, as they start on their weight loss journey.

Many ISTJ’s have had great success in keeping a food journal or using free app like My Fitness Pal., to creating attainable goals (like losing 1 lb. per week) and consistently logging in food choices and seeing charts that show progress were all motivating.

By breaking thing down to simple steps and creating a consistent routine with ISTJs are very good at you will find the process pretty simple

One thing ISTJs struggle with on keto is letting go of favourite foods that are unhealthy. As they greatly enjoy routine and repeating the same meals regularly. For example, if in the past you enjoyed a midnight bowl of ice cream, this habit can be especially hard to break. You may find it more helpful to find keto alternatives to replace the habit rather than dropping the habit entirely.

As you value the strict structure do not beat yourself up when you have failures. Just pick yourself up and keep going.

It is very important for you to plan your keto diet and create a routine and allow it to become a habit. – Remember it takes 26 days to form a habit, so focus on getting through the first 26 days of eating healthy and after that it should get much easier!

Find more alternative healthy keto snacks that you enjoy again and again that you will not get sick of, make a like and find out what works for you. By planning this out you are less likely to want to binge on unhealthy carbs when you’re feeling tempted.

Add easy exercise into the routine habits, like parking places that will make you walk further to get inside a store and take stairs instead of elevators, as you thrive off our routine and planning this will help you stay true to your goals.