INTP Keto Personality Type

You really love to dive into the deep logical explanations for keto especially if it interests you.

You like to dive into the studies and ideas rather than social interaction.

You are quiet, contained, flexible, and adaptable.

You have an unusual ability to focus in depth to solve problems in your area of interest.

You are very sceptical, sometimes critical, always analytical.

4 Tips for Keto Success as an INTP

Since you are a mentally active, curious, imaginative person who likes to feel focused and alert, keto is the diet for you, as you detest feeling sluggish or dealing with “brain fog” which only slows down your discoveries and ideas, being in ketosis works because it boosts your mental performance amazingly.

You also don’t want to deal with rigid, structured plans or confining regimens, so you cant lock yourself into a strict planed keto diet.

Make exercise fun. Listen to a favourite audiobook or podcast while you do your workout program or find a park and do some solitary walking while listening to your favourite podcast!

Remember ketogenic eating is a habit and the first 26 days are generally the hardest, but if you can make it through those then it will stop feeling so much like “work” and will feel more like a natural lifestyle.

What INTPs say about Keto

“I like the ketogenic diet. I eat lots of meats and dairy and my mental focus and clarity is totally amped up. I also have more energy and my acne is completely gone. It’s not really limiting or hard to figure out and I’ve lost 40 lbs. this year.”
– John, an INTP

INTPs in the Keto World

Dan an INTP loves the keto lifestyle because:

“Because for the first time in my adult like I feel like I am in control over my eating and able to take control over my own health.”

Dan Quibell – The Bacon Experiment

To find Dan and his work on helping people on a ketogenic diet visit him at

Dan Quibell – The Bacon Experiment