In Ketosis vs. Keto-adapted

As you start to restrict sugars your liver will start to produce ketones but most of them are voided in the urine.

At this point many parts of the body, such as the brain and deep dense tissues like cartilage and tendon will still require glucose and will not take up the ketone byproducts of fat metabolism.

If however carbs do not reappear in the diet, then the body begins to adapt to using the ketones as food hence the term Keto-adaptation.

Once that happens urine ketones start disappearing in the urine and something very very right happens your body is now utilizing ketones.

As the body begins to run most of the glucose-dependent tissues on ketones your will start to notice the following benefits:

  • Energy increases several fold
  • Lack of ‘hunger pangs’
  • Increased endurance time
  • Increased strength
  • A feeling of well-being
  • Weight loss

Keto-adaptation takes time, from a very minimum of about 3 weeks averagely it takes from three to four weeks in most people.


Why do you feel tiered starting a ketogenic Diet

In the gut different  enzymes are involved for breaking down fat than breaking down glucose.  As your teaching your body to convert fats for energy  you don’t have as many fat-converting enzymes. The adaptation time is mainly giving our microbiome time to create the fat-converting enzymes.

Once the enzymes are in place, your cells change the way they get energy you turn from a sugar burner into a fat burner for energy.

It’s really amazing all the changes that have to happen internally for keto-adaptation to happen if not magical.

It’s feels like your running your body from jet fuel and never want to run off unleaded ever again as you run so smoothly.