Ketones, Repel Mosquitoes

Tonight I noticed something odd, I had a mosquito flying around my room and not once did it try and bite me, or even land on me, in the end I eventually managed to kill it and it did not have any blood in it.

And it made me curious and thought could my metabolic state have protected me from mosquitoes wanting to suck my blood.

After searching Dr. Google I found this thread on Mark's Daily Apple called Dear Mark: High HbA1c with Low Blood Sugar; Muscle Glycogen: Is It Local?; and Ketogenic Mosquito Repellant.

This personal experience posted caught my eye:

I have read your book, am following a low-carb lifestyle and am offing ketones as I burn fat.
As a dedicated gardener and yardman selfie, I spend a lot of time outdoors, often amongst many mosquitoes here in springtime North Texas. I have discovered in the last 2-4 weeks that the mosquitoes seem to have no interest in sucking my blood. Not one bite this spring, when in years past I have suffered many, in spite of Deet. Not one. I have checked the internet for articles on ketones repelling mosquitoes and there seems to be quite a history of that “miracle”.
Mark's theorised that possibly that in ketosis, you’re exhaling less carbon dioxide than the people around you and this shields you from the mosquitoes’ attention, but I needed something more concrete than that theory.

So I kept hunting for a better explanation and found it.

I found that Dr Logan, working with colleagues at Aberdeen University, conducted a study and analysed the body odours produced by a panel of volunteers found to be resistant to mosquitoes and compared them with the body odours of those who attracted the insects.

For this study the volunteers needed to stick to strict diets, not to drink alcohol and avoid using perfumes and deodorant so their natural body odour could be collected.

And what they discovered was five ketones that were effective at repelling the mosquitoes and when the ketones were sprayed on the skin of volunteers who were normally attractive to mosquitoes, the insects were repelled.

The results where so successful that they are now developing a new kind of ketone insect repellent to help those whose bodies do not produce these ketones.

I am interested in anyone else's experience in the comments section below: