Ivan’s – Ketogenic Journey

Ivan is a good example of someone that was already healthy and lean when he implemented the ketogenic diet for his body building competitions and has found great success in his performance and health.

And for someone that has tried both types of diets for his performance its truly interesting to see how he feels when ruinning on ketones.

So here is our interview:

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Hello. My name is Ivan Ferjo, I am 18 years old and I am from Slovakia. I am natural bodybuilder competiting in associaton INBA – Internetional Natural Bodybuilding Association. I workout probably 3 years, but I started to do bodybuilding just since 2015. I attended 4 competitions, and in first 3 competitions I won 3 times silver medal. And in my last competition I was finally champion of Slovakia.

I am also youtuber – I am making all kind videos about fitness/bodybuilding lifestyle. My youtube channel is Ivan Ferjo – Fitness, so you can check my production.

What moment or event started made you consider switching to a ketogenic protocol?
I started to do ketogenic diet because I’m endomorph and when I was in bulking peroid of my bodybuilding contest prepartion I always eat lot of carbs, so I always gained a lot of fat. I wasn’t satisfied with it, so I wanted to find some diet that help me gain muscles without unnecessary fat. I found ketogenic diet, and I think it’s the best way for everybody to be in good shape all the year and stay healthy aswell.
 Since switching to running on ketones how have you found it affected you?
First two weeks of ketogenic diet I was very hungry, because my body was always using carbs as primary source of energy. But after two weeks I was very satisfied with this diet. I didn’t feel that I am hungry anymore, I had lot of energy and I was gaining muscles and loosing fat in the same time.
 What is your favorite Keto recipe / food?
My favourite ketogenic food is salmon with vegetables and butter.
If someone wanted to get into the Keto lifestyle what advice would you give them?
Don’t be afraid to start ketogenic diet. Fats was always primary source of energy, only we people replace them with carbs. With this diet you will loose fat and gain muscles in same time and you will be healthy. This is the best diet you can do !