ketosis in 4 simple steps

I find explaining how to maintain a ketosis in my ketogenic diet in 4 simple steps, I am interested in yours too, please comment below what helps you.

1. Keep it simple i.e. no Franken food (quest bars etc) go for beautiful green vegetables, especially broccoli, zucchini and spinach.

2. Be harder on myself than others i.e. demonstrate a lot of self-discipline, it is very easy to get back on the slippery path to carbohydrate hell. It starts with “I’ll just have one slice of cake” which leads to “low-sugar ice cream” which leads to demolishing 100g chocolate block which leads to 5kg on the scale magically appearing.

3. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Yes bacon and eggs can get a little boring but it works.

4. You are not really hungry – you don’t really need those macadamia nuts and peanut but with salt sprinkled on top or a bowl of whipped cream – satisfy your boredom with more water.