Shawn Stevenson – Sleep and Food Tips

Shawn Stevenson  a top-ranked health podcaster, corporate wellness coach, and author is a guest on Jimmy Moore’s “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show.”

Shawn Stevenson mentioned an interesting study about supplementing calcium to horses that suffered fractures and they they found that more bone growth happens when the horses where also walked (movement) compared to just rest with negligible growth.

Shawn says that the body needs raw materials in order to heal itself.

From Shawn’s personal experience he found when he changed his diet from fast food to making the same version of fast foods himself he did eat but with high quality ingredients eg grass fed meats etc he dropped weight and the pains he was having disappeared. He also noticed that he went from being a night-owl to going to bed early naturally.

Mentioned the importance of sleep saying the body heals while your asleep. The anabolic state (building up on) of the human body.

After work a out your body it’s stressed and worse that ever the benefit from that workout comes from that anabolic sleep cycle.

24 hours sleep deprivation can make you insulin resistant.

Explains the benefit of growth hormone and why we get less going to bed late.

Melatonin helps you get into the good reparative mode. Cortisol is so important for your health and vital.

Melatonin and Cortisol work in the inverse like a seesaw so when melatonin is up cortisol is down and vice versa.

Says to help this cycle at lest 90mins no screen to help.

He said people don’t know what to do for that 90min he said talk to your loved ones and by making that connection release oxytocin.

Or you can use an app on your phone like I do called f.lux. (Shawn Stevenson also mentioned it in the pod cast)



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