ENTJ Keto Personality Type

You are frank, decisive, and happy to take leadership readily. You are very quick to see illogical and inefficient procedures and policies, and are driven to develop and implement comprehensive systems to solve problems.

You enjoy long-term planning and goal setting.

Usually well informed, well read, enjoy expanding their knowledge and passing it on to others, and forceful on presenting ideas.

6 Tips for Keto Success as an ENTJ

You are extremely goal-oriented and committed to your plan once you settle on a fitness/diet regimen.

If health and nutation if your focus you will make plans and your endeavours around creating complex data solutions to help the people with simple processes.

Since you love the data approach tracking with data tool sets like chronometer or My Fitness Pal help with this, plus your type enjoys exercise with even more data you can track, amazingly most ESTJs value exercise as their favourite leisure activity.

You are motivated by challenge and competition, so create a structure with accountability partners and challenge yourself and others to eat healthier/exercise harder each week. (Like eating higher nutrient foods in 30 days or a daily challenge like fitting in 50 crunches a day) There are lots of challenges you can come up with, but this is often great motivation for ENTJs.

Make a schedule and organize your fitness time. Set reminders on your phone and plan your time on the calendar. Keep your gym gear packed in your car so that you’re ready anytime you need to fit in a workout.

Since your tertiary function is extraverted sensing (Se) challenge yourself by going on a new adventure. Go hiking, take up a new sport and explore the outdoors.

ENTJs With a Passion for Nutrition

Marty Kendall an ENTJ engineer with an interest in nutrition who seeks things numerically.