ISFP Keto Personality Type

You are a quiet, friendly, sensitive, and kind.

Enjoy the present moment, what’s going on around you.

Like to have your own space and to work within their own time frame.

Loyal and committed to their values and to people who are important to them.

Dislike disagreements and conflicts, do not force their opinions or values on others.

7 Tips for Keto Success as an ISFP

Because looking a certain way isn’t as important as feeling stronger, more limber, and more energized, and a keto diet is ideal for feeling this way.

Your keto diet should not make you feel like you are boxed into a super strict regimen and you need to feel free to experiment with a variety of keto foods so a diet that makes eating right fun!

Lots of ISFPs recommended cutting down on carbs and sugars and finding fun ways to exercise that didn’t seem like exercise.

Don’t beat yourself up about falling off the wagon, everyone’s going to mess up sometimes. The point is to get up and keep trying, “keep calm and keto on!”

Try and keep a keto snack stash ready so that you don’t give into unhealthy meals that slow you down.

Don’t get caught up in negative self-talk. Celebrate your successes no matter how small!

Since you are so creative and have a passion for life, you may find you don’t get enough sleep the cool thing is people eating keto find themselves more rested at 6 hours instead of 7-8 hours.