Low Carb Potato And Nutritional Ketosis N=1

Spud Lite

Woolworths have been selling a lower carb potato called Spud Lite (30% less carbs than a regular potato)

Here is the today tonight story on the potato


The potato’s are grown in south Australia and are exclusively sold in Woolworth’s.


Can I stay in Nutritional Ketosis and incorporate 200g potato each night (18g carb in a hit) aiming for total of 30g of carb each day.

I test my blood ketone s every morning before I eat anything my morning ready before the experiment was 1.5.

I found my blood ketone levels each morning dropping down 0.1-0.3 a day until by the 5th day it knocked me just under to 0.4 out of Nutritional Ketosis.

The following day I stopped the experiment and it bounced back up above 0.5 again the following day.


If you wish to stay fat adaptive save them for a so called fast food night once a week and have home made chicken and chips.

That way you’ll stay in nutritional ketosis and have a bit of variety in life and at lest that way you’ll have healthy fats rather than food cooked in canola oil.