The Ketogenic Diet & Multiple Sclerosis & DHA

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a neurological disease caused by demyelination or breakdown of the myelin coating around the nerve cells.

Common symptoms of MS are sensory symptoms in the extremities or face, unilateral visual loss, acute or subacute motor weakness of the muslces, diplopia (double vision), gait disturbance and balance problems, Lhermitte sign (electric shock-like sensations that run down the back and/or limbs upon flexion of the neck), vertigo, bladder problems, loss of control of a limb,  and pain.

Recent studies point to evidence that this demyelation may be due to degeneration or breakdown of the nerve cell’s ability to use glucose as a primary fuel.

This makes the ketogenic diet extreamly promising alternative fuel supply.

To date, studies in patients with neurologic diseases like MS, huntington’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease using ketogenic diets have had positive results in memory, cognition and diminished inflammation with evidence of halting or reversing the chronic demyelination


Importance of DHA while managing neurologic diseases

I personally cant express how important that getting your mitochondria working and eating DHA rich foods, all the grass fed meat in the world will not help you unless your eating adequate DHA rich foods.

See what happens when a doctor Terry Wells who sufferers MS managing it a ketogenic/paleo style diet rich in DHA changed her life:

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