Telaine and Derek LCHF Beginners

Telaine and Derek are relatively new to the lowcarb world and have done well together have lost over 250lbs or 114kgs since early 2014.
As they are relatively new on their journey they have had some set backs and are freely honest on their Facebook Page.
Their motto for them has been to promote a lowcarb High Fat as Keep It Simple Sweetheart lifestyle or LCHF KISS for short.
Their experience is a good stepping stone into the lowcarb high fat world as they are still learning and half way through their journey their experience maybe useful for people at the start of their journeys.
Experiences with LCHF 
Telaine and Derek have lost over 250lbs or 114kgs since early 2014, along with Telaine coming off of her diabetes medication! This amazing couple run the increasingly popular blog Low Carb Island where they promote a Low Carb High Fat Keep It Simple Sweetheart lifestyle or LCHF KISS for short. The blog is full of recipes , success stories and most importantly support for those attempting to become healthier and slimmer.
As they like to keep it simple they do not count micro-nutrients at all and are not interested. reason is they feel in their Journeys that you do not Learn from the Counting Aspect.
They experimented on what affects their weight and may measure weekly.
Derek can also have a little bit more carbs than his wife and will eat a baked potato each week.
Using this approach they say the weight may come off slower but you feel you will learn better.
They are interested in the simplicity approach to their eating and mention their 6 year old and lunches. does Derek Monday to Friday
Derek likes to eat a 3 egg omelette with coffee and cream. also like a regular Chicken Parmigiana made with chicken breast.Special Meals
They like the repetitiveness of eating but save the eating for enjoyment for special occasions.
They buy foods that are on sale to through together easily during the week.
Sam also agrees that the key is to simple as well and you don’t need to be a gourmet chef.
Telaine if the plan is too complex would have been too hard at even start once you know it then you can try different things and say at the start keep it simple.

Derek eats more protein than Telaine then what she doesn’t eat the dog gets it.