Dr. Stephen Phinney on bennifits of Nutritional Ketosis

On November 25th 2014 Dr. Stephen Phinney presented this Workshop at Epworth Hospital in Melbourne to outline some of his research on Low Carb, High Fat nutrition and to give audience members the opportunity to ask questions.

Here are my Rough Notes:

Stephen phinney (keeps blood 1-3 but also added sugar with maple syrup keep his tolerances keep dose low) – Will be good to quote my bread experiment

What if you have your Gallbladder out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ATDvhZQo4A#t=901
The gallbladder stores bile and the bile is needed to digest and absorb fats it like having an income with no savings account. If you have a big fat meal 50-80grams of fat you can overwhelm your digestion tract which you’ll know from GI symptoms. The strategy will be to spread the fat out as it is much easy to absorb emulsified fats than than liquid oil. So making foods with emulsified fats like cheese rather than the oils will give you better absorption capability than just putting butter (luqid fat) which needs to be broken down and should be mixed into an emulation to be broken down. (Trial and Error approach)

Why do people do so well low carb and then gain back

The Island of Nutritional Ketosis
We think of Nutritional Ketosis as an island you got to get people there and guide them there and land safely there to make it last long term.

Australian Nursing homes and Dementia Patients
Someones experience about Australians Nursing homes making more money in nursing home for dementia patients and not wanting them to get better.

Ketone Levels Higher at Night for a lot of people
many people low in morning due to cortisol in morning suppression production.

Taking Magnesium and Calcium Supplements
Calcium by itself is a laxative If combined with magnesium slow down digestion and if in slow release matrix help.

Someone who is lean and a runner not wanting to drop carbs question
Australian Runner asks about his performance and doesn’t want to drop carbs he said not over weight and no diabetes not sure if extreme if ketosis is required and he wants carbs to get faster.

About Flax-seed
Not a Fan as there are 5 enzymatic steps to the final product of DHA (mussels and brain)
Most of the EPA gets converted to DHA fish oil is 1/2 and 1/2 eating fish for omega 3.

Are there risks of Impaired Kidney Function on a Ketogenic diet

Is there a risk of high acid when in ketosis and will acid drop to dangerous level

Why humans don’t make Vitamin C
Interesting how most animals in nature make their own vitamin c but humans don’t.

Very interesting about the Vit C not in Steve’s current books is about the benefits of against oxidative stress is turned on in a keotgenic state.


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