Australian Aborigines and the introduction of White Man Food

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Dr. Weston Price. He compared many indigenous tribes in the 1920’s who were living off the land, with their ethic counterparts living locally, eating the European diet, high in flour and sugar. He took pictures and you can SEE the health in the development in the children growing on meat and fat, verses those growing on high carbs.

Here is the link to reading the book on line as it free in the public domain:

Since the book was written in the 1930’s I didn’t like the term “primitive race” I really think that today’s world of modern processed foods that we as a nation should be called “primitive”.

As you can see from this photo that when Aborigines where placed in reservations and fed on the white man’s foods of commerce dental caries has become rampant.



What I find beautiful is this statement in the book

It would be difficult to find a more happy and contented people than the primitives in the Torres Strait Islands as they lived without contact with modern civilization. Indeed, they seem to resent very acutely the modern intrusion. They not only have nearly perfect bodies, but an associated personality and character of a high degree of excellence. One is continually impressed with happiness, peace and health while in their congenial presence. These people are not lazy, but they do not struggle over hard to obtain food. Necessities that are not readily at hand they do not have. Their home life reaches a very high ideal and among them there is practically no crime.

On the converse side the book speaks about young white children preference to modern food even when the best food in the world is just outside, the white children living on Thursday island it said:


As everywhere these whites prefer the modernized foods and pay the penalty in rampant tooth decay. They are in pathetic contrast with the superb unspoiled natives. They are within reach of some of the best foods to be found anywhere in the world and yet do not use them; a typical characteristic of modern whites.

It really shows the power of modern food and making a conscious decision to limit them in our everyday diet.

Bring on the healthy fats, beautiful seafood with vegetables and seasonal natural whole fruit.