William has lost 107 pounds

We are back with another interview of someone living the ketogenic lifestyle!

In today’s interview i would like to present William England. he has been living low carb high fat for over 18 months and lost over 107 pounds (48kg).

So we can definitely learn a lot from his journey.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Hey, my name is Will.  I’m a 32yrs old mechanic for a commuter railroad. Ive struggled with my weight most of my life and gained almost 100lbs in the ten years after high school.

As I gained weight, got older it started to really ware on me.  I needed to do something.

What moment or event started your weight loss journey?

My before picture.  It was taken at my wife’s baby shower. I got my first look at it after my son was born and it just clicked. I knew I was going to have a tough time keeping up with a young kid and had to do something.

What was your starting weight? What weight are you at now?

Im 6″1′ tall and I started at 286lbs (130kg) right before I started and I hit a low of 177(80kg)  but have maintained 179 (81kg) for 6 months.

How did you discover the Keto lifestyle and how has it affected you?

Well, I knew nothing about nutrition, in fact I knew less than nothing.  It wasn’t until a co-worker hopped on Atkins and lost 40lbs that I took my first serious look at low carb but remained skeptical.
Fast forward a year.Occasionally, I’d see impressive weight loss progress pics on reddit’s front page, most coming from r/keto. So, I lurked, did my homework, watched some videos including the documentary Fathead.  I was sold on the concept but was just waiting for the right moment.Now 18 months in and keto is as much a part of me as the clothes I wear.  It’s fully integrated in my life now.  I cook most of my meals and every one of them is a pleasure.

Most importantly I feel good, healthy, energetic, and confident.

What is your favourite Keto recipe / food?

Im a sucker for ribeye.  1″+ thickness, fat left untrimmed, med-rare topped with a pad of Kerry Gold butter and paired with a very rich garlic-bacon creamed spinach. Heaven on a plate.

Whats your top 3 motivational tip or advice would you like to share?

  1. Don’t skimp on your electrolytes.
  2. Make keto chicken soup a regular meal.
  3. Concentrate on amazing meals and less on day to day weight loss

In the end if low carb works for you it needs to be a fully sustainable change.

For that to happen you need a complete, diverse, and enjoyable menu of keto/low carb meals to eat.

If someone wanted to get into the Keto lifestyle what advice would you give them?

The first few weeks are tough and until you adapt do not limit calories.  Also look at the menus of nearby eateries and find meals that are keto before your hunger.

Electrolytes, electrolytes, electrolytes.

I can not stress it enough. The side effects of low salts are a common reason why people fail.

Stay hydrated.  Important and sometimes overlooked.

Do not stress about the scale. Water shifts, fat gets burned, food weighs something.

The scale means nothing from day to day its the trends that matter.