Kelly has lost 75 pounds

We are back with another interview of someone living the ketogenic lifestyle!

In today’s interview i would like to present Kelly. She has been living keto for over 8 months and lost 75 lbs.

So we can definitely learn a lot from her journey.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am 42 – almost 43. I am just starting my life over – remarried, new career, new health. I work in healthcare and I see a lot of things that have made me want to change my lifestyle. I have family members who have diabetes and strokes and heart problems and I want to live a healthy, full life, not one where I have a walker or metal knees or where I am missing body parts. Only the last part of my journey has been keto but it is the last way of eating I will try.

What moment or event started your weight loss journey?

I saw the picture that I am sharing with you here. I came home from New Zealand and had nothing. I was living with my mother in law and she had that picture up on her fridge and I just looked at it and was shocked and disgusted at how bad it had gotten. I knew that I was not going to be like that any more.  When I was 21 I was 135 lbs and jogged 3 miles a day while I was in the police academy. I couldn’t believe I had gotten that big.

What was your starting weight? What weight are you at now?

The highest weight I have recorded is 260 and today I am 183.

How did you discover the Keto lifestyle and how has it affected you?

I tried everything with small amounts of success. I tried some commercial programs – I tried only eating things with 3 ingredients or only ingredients I thought a caveman would recognize.I tried alternating 500 calorie days with 2500 calorie day to reduce the feeling of “missing out” – I knew that if I was good on MWF I could eat anything I wanted on the other days.

They all worked.

I got down to 220 but it took 6 years to get to that point from the day I saw my picture on that fridge. I had other issues to deal with in the mean time.

I got my job at the hospital and suddenly started walking 6 moles a day and my body hurt. My back hurt and my feet hurt – I knew I had more work to do.

I hired a personal trainer for an exorbitant fee and made it to 200.  My husband was doing a medically supervised ketogenic diet program  and was very successful and he introduced me to the topic. After doing research I decided to try it and I am hooked.

I have only lost a few pounds a month on keto but the difference in my attitude and patience is definitely worth it. I love being able to eat what I eat and I am never hungry. I am losing more inches on keto than I ever did on any other plan even if the pounds aren’t coming off in droves.

In 15 lbs I have gone from a size 16 jeans to a 10.

This lifestyle is so maintainable for me and I plan on staying on keto after I reach my goal

What is your favourite Keto recipe / food?

I don’t use recipes as a rule – that’s just the way I cook but my favourite recipe has got to be the Holy Grail Pizza crust recipe.



I love cream cheese pancakes – who knew that cream cheese and eggs could mimic wheat pancakes.


Shiritaki noodles are amazing.

For people currently doing Keto what motivational tip or advice would you like to share?

It is a marathon – not a sprint. Patience! Lose the weight at a pace you can maintain


If someone wanted to get into the Keto lifestyle what advice would you give them?

This is a lifestyle for me – it has the benefit of helping me lose weight and inches.It keeps my blood sugar  under control.

There are more benefits than weight loss.

Research is your friend.

Calories still have importance and keto makes it easier to eat at a deficit.